October 19, 2010

Out east for quail...

The conditions were amazing over the weekend out in Eastport. The wind was strong and the quail flew at crazy speeds... sometimes at you. Alarming. It was a great morning, and I should have taken some more photos but I was to busy shooting. Next time.  Also took the B past 25,000 miles- she's still young yet.
Had to wear my English shooting get-up, which made filling up with gas mildly terrifying. What passes for normal clothing in England, may get you heavy abuse over here. Noted.

October 15, 2010

Getting ready...

Hopefully getting out to the Long Island (Wyandanch) Club for some pheasant and duck this weekend. That means I need to do some clean up... no complaints.
The Long Island Club is one of my favorite places anywhere- shoots on Saturdays, walk-ups through the week, and fishing in the off-season. The conditions look particularly good on Saturday. I love this time of year.

September 27, 2010

Un homme et une femme...

A really great film from the days when you would drive to the race, compete, then drive several thousand miles in the same car to see your lady (and home to my favorite on-screen pony)...

September 22, 2010

Good things come in pairs

Maybe the easiest car in the world to park.

In an inadvertent ongoing tribute to summery BMWs.... give it up, the BMW Z1:

It's not really about the looks with this one. I would pay good money to go back in time and be there when the chief designer goes, "Doors? Yeah, we decided they should slide down." Yes. Blow my mind. You know when you're driving and the door is in that not-open-but-not-shut-all-the-way-either position and you should probably wait until you reach the lights, but fuck it, you're a daredevil, and you open and shut it anyway, mid-drive? The Z1 gives you the permanent lunatic option, a bit like a Jeep Wrangler but without the stigma.
BMW sold around 8,000 of them, ending in 1991. Here's the deal though- illegal in the US- something about getting hit and being eye level with the grille of the other car and having nothing between you and it blah blah blah. I like to think that I'd be able to react in time to slide up the door and maybe even throw on a helmet so I did a little research.
Turns out you can keep one stateside if you can argue historical significance and keep it to 2,500 miles a year. Not sure how historical significance is going to help when a raised pickup goes through me, but I'll take it.